14 de enero de 2012

30 facts about me.

  1. Just, when I cry, you hug me.
  2. I love "angry birds" so when I'm playing with it, if you aren't Llosimura or my mum don't disturb me!
  3. I'm or I believe that I'm smart enough to shut your mouth up!
  4. I know that is "2 girls 1 cup", WoW, Cosplay and a lot of things that you don't imagine.
  5. I prefer smart and small boys than taller and fooler. ERROR. If you meet me, you know that I prefer Llosimura. 
  6. I like study. I am not a nerdy. Just I love knowing a lot of things.
  7. When I'll grow up, I'm want like my Spanish teacher character.
  8. My future: Computer Engineer.
  9. I control my computer by MS-DOS/terminal. (Not usual commands!)
  10. I like Queen and Nickelback. (You didn't get that!)
  11. I love white sweatshirt and I hate bottons. 
  12. I love "The Big Bang Theory" and "How I met your mother". 
  13. My dark past: Belieber.
  14. I love wearing jeans, T-shirt, sweatshirt and converses.
  15. A place: London.
  16. A flag: UK and USA.
  17. I don't know if you realized, I'm a bit complex.
  18. I am a girl that my post had been published in 9GAG.
  19. Sometimes, I only need a beach, cold, chocolate and him.
  20. I watch TV series in Original Version.
  21. I'm sure that I have a bad brithish accent. 
  22. I don't like children. (Those little rats with hair)
  23. I don't like Coca-Cola or another kind of refreshments. I only drink water, chocolate milkshake (or hot chocolate) and peach juice. 
  24. Just, the Stardust film is awwwwwwwwww. Only one word "unicorn".
  25. I have got books for dummies.
  26. I don't get an alias that I liked it (too much).
  27. I love the sentences that they begin "that/this awkward moment.."
  28. I love the meme "Y U NO!?".
  29. My friends (and not friends) say me geek.
  30. And, this is one list of things about a 9gagger.

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